ENTER our Network 

Training in Economics

Its aim is to foster internationally competitive research of the highest possible quality, by broadening the base for competent supervision and intensive interaction towards research in Economics. Doctoral students in each of the universities within the program can: 


  • Make short visits to other universities of the network.
  • Participate in the annual ENTER Jamboree.
  • Present their work in seminars of the universities of the network. 

Students thus obtain direct access to a much larger body of faculty with a wide array of research interests, and can develop professional relationships with fellow students that will enable them to become European scholars.

Intense Interaction

Each year, ENTER organizes the "Jamboree", a two-day meeting of the entire network where doctoral students and faculty present their current research and socialize. 

The Jamboree fosters close links between researchers - both senior and junior - pursuing work in similar directions. 

In an ever-integrating Europe, the faculties of the eight institutions are committed to this program, which helps scholars analyze economic phenomena from a European, perspective.

History of ENTER

During the 1990 World Congress of the Econometric Society in Barcelona, Salvador Barberá, Richard Blundell, Eric van Damme, Jean-Jacques Laffont and Konrad Stahl met to discuss the possibility of creating an exchange of doctoral students between Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), University College London (UCL), CentER Tilburg, Université I de Toulouse and the University of Mannheim.

All these places were in the process of creating structured Ph.D. programs in Economics. The exchange of students started in 1992, and the first jamboree took place in 1994 in Ladenburg close to Mannheim (Germany).

A couple of years later, ECARE (nowadays ECARES) of Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) joined the club, which was further enlarged with the joint doctoral program of the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and the University of Stockholm (IIES) in 2003, and reached its present composition in 2007 with the addition of University Carlos III of Madrid.