"The jamboree does really create a feeling for a network that every student can and should benefit from, not only in terms of research but also making valuable contacts and getting advice about the profession in general." Ignat Stepanok, Stockholm

We meet each year
The ENTER Jamboree is a 2-day conference where PhD students in Economics and faculty of the institutions forming the ENTER network meet.  At the beginning of each year, a different partner institution hosts the Jamboree. The Jamboree is an invaluable opportunity for students and professors from differenct economics department to discuss their recent research and share ideas with one another. First, it serves to expose Ph.D. students to conference format presentations and discussions within a more intimate context than at a large conference. Second, the Jamboree forsters the interatction between students and faculty of different networks, towards studen and faculty visits and exchange.
The conference features plenary sessions and panel sessions. One faculty member of each partner institution gives a presentation during plenary sessions and four students from each institution present their work in panel sessions. Furthermore, four discussants from each university participate in the panel sessions, two. In order to participate, students hand in papers prior to the conference. The Jamboree is rounded up by different social events such as the ENTER dinner on the first day of the conference, a faculty meeting and an ENTER students coordinator meeting.